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BOOM! An explosion rang out under the basement of the 30 storey Eco mall flame and smoke spread in all directions amid the confusion and panic stood a boy with dark red hair and sky blue eyes, the boy then swing is fist outward at a tremendous speed such that a blast of air was created which supressed the raging fire in front of the boy what he did was impossible for either ‘normal’ or normal humans to do.

The current year was 2063 the world had advanced at an amazing speed. Ever since the freak collision of an anti-quasar and a normal quasar in the asteroid belt which lead to many small asteroid collisions on earth which lead to the discovery of energy sparks. Energy sparks were essentially small golf ball sized meteor rocks but with a fundamental difference they were transparent and had a nebula cloud within them at first the scientists were puzzled as to what it was but sooner a man named Chrono E Stein discovered that the nebula was in essence pure energy trapped within the unknown composition of the transparent rock and found a way to harness that energy to solve the world energy crises, since then science and technology has advanced by leaps although a teleporter has yet to be realised.

It’s been 40 years since the discovery of energy sparks although there have been many benefits form it there were still disasters caused due to mankind’s carelessness,


 The title that was given to destruction of the continent of Europe across all major news stations.

CERN, Geneva, 13 NOVEMBER 2033 the particle collision experiment against an energy spark went horribly wrong resulting in an energy release which engulfed the whole of Europe and the place was wiped out from the face of earth survivors only 8 the only area not effected was the epicentre of the blast.

Since then the European Union has ceased to exit and now only a huge sea with a 10 km wide island called the EU GRAVE.

The resulting disaster brought about vast changes in human civilisation. In economic area Japan took over as a leading power as it was the first to recover from the recession caused by the incident which lasted for 10 years followed by America then India, Singapore, China, Korea and Hong Kong  and other countries as these countries emerged from the dark decade which took the lives of nearly 3 billion people on the planet as people fought each other fuelled by the antics of many religious organization who saw the EU GRAVE as a sign from god that the end has come, it took 10 years for the fighting to stop but even now hidden organizations plan attacks on the populace calming to be gods messengers.

The resulting fighting had cause many advancement in bio engineering by combining the power of energy sparks with technology super humans were created to fight wars and when the fighting ended the research on body strengthening other than medical purposes was halted but those already modified had no way to go back to normal and were looked at with different views by the normal people.

The explosion at the mall where the boy was standing was due to two reasons, one was to emphasise that the evil organisations which led to wars has yet to die, other was to secure a very important hostage. One that could bring them all the power they needed to control one of the 7 major world powers to grab a country for themselves but unfortunately for them the boy was there.  

“Do I really have no choice “mumbled the boy.

“Well I do have to rescue an idoit, I am going to have to work things out myself”

“Now let’s see where those guys went”

Red light shone in the boy’s eyes and if one could see his vision they would see the world in a different way as one would look at a 3D model on a graphic computer the boy could see the building from every angle with only the living as bright lights each varying according to the person.  The boy was using dimension view, an innate ability which he had since birth or to be more precise how he always saw the world before he learned how to ‘see’.

Dimension vision as the name suggests he is able to see the world in different dimensions no matter where you hide you will be seen by him, you would have to change to another body to avoid being seen but that is impossible even with the current technology.

As the boy looks around he is able to see through every wall and every living being inside.

“Found ya!”

The boy looks up and says with a smile on his face.

Suddenly the air around him starts spiralling around him and then moves to concentrate around his feet and then it compresses itself and releases launching the boy into the air towards the roof.




Shouts a burly looking man

HUMP grunted a girl in the man’s arms in a displeasured voice

The girl with blond hair tied in a ponytail resisted to her up most to get out of the man’s grasp but was tied down with special nerve cuffs which prevented her from using any sort of strength to resist. The nerve cuffs prevented any nerve signal from reaching the hands or legs depending on one’s need.

“You won’t get away with kidnapping me my father would never do your bidding, I would not want him to either.” said the girl to the dozen surrounding her.

“I SAID SHUT UP AND WALK” one of the man shouts as he was pissed



The man roared in anger as he received a defiant reply and tried to hit the girl with his blaster suddenly a strong gust of wind blew the man and slammed him into the metal wall knocking him unconscious.

“Man what a drag here I thought they would put up a decent fight seeing as they dared to kidnap the one and only daughter of the aegis foundation sera aegis.”

“Aren’t I right?”

Asked a voice filled with killing intent towards the group who were surrounded by smoke from the explosions.

“wwwhho are you!”      


Shouted a youngster within the group as he was scared by the killing intent which released.

“You are late” said sera as she pouted in a cute manner.

“Sorry was held up by mom, but really to get yourself kidnapped hah if word of this got out that the academy top got herself kidnapped the paparazzi’s gone go seriously wild hah”

Replied the voice to sera’s pouting face

“I know that I was just careless that’s all now hurry up and help me out”

“Alright, alright No need to get all fussy about it”


Shouted one of the members of the group

“Where the hell you are if you have guts FACE Me.”

“Geez you guys try and be more evil and stuff rather than being all punk and all” mocked the voice to the provocation

“If you want to know where I am just look up”

As the voice said so the men looked up and what they saw was shocking even by today’s standard a boy with deep red hair and sky blue eyed with a pair of dragon wings on his back standing in mid-air looking at then as if they were insects waiting to be crushed.

“WWWHAT ARE YOU? “Shouted the man who looked like he was the leader of the group.

“Well since I am about wipe your existence clean I could tell you”

“Ahem” spoke the boy as he cleared his throat

“My name is ASHESHA DEUS, my friends call me SHA, I am the one and only DRAGON on this world and since you guy’s touched my soft spot don’t even think about leaving here with any of your cells intact.”

Ashesha the only one of his kind in this world roared as he looked at the men in disdain

His existence and actions will shock mankind and the boy will be remembered in many ways but for now it just the beginning of the chronicles of the young dragon who wants to not be involved in troublesome situations yet wants to go all out to test his powers and the war which will shape his Destiney.  

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Nidoume no jinsei wo isekai de chapter 6 Part 1

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It seems like the calm before the storm

No matter what lets return to the village. No one opposed this proposal of Zion’s.

Because Renya was in the forest he had no way of telling what the time was, according to Zion it will be sunset soon and if we continue investigating in night against goblins who are nocturnal fighting them unprepared is very dangerous.

Goblins are nocturnal this new piece of information surprised Renya. Magical beings and demons are all nocturnal it is common sense affirmed Zion.

“Just because they are nocturnal it does not mean that they wont act in daytime.”

Returning to the village, Zion says while rummaging through luggage that had been left  at a vacant house which was used as a base.
When we returned to the village, the villagers had asked  Zion what happened as the number of people had decreased, Zion described to them that the 6 people had gone missing and they were unable to find them .

“No way, since we were attacked in the forest we beat them down and left them, well I cant say that.”

“reporting to the guild as that manner ?”

When Renya asked this Zion denied it immediately.

“You cant lie to the guild, I will report the truth.”

“Ah I wonder if I will be treated as a criminal?”

Renya was worried that there might be a crime of murder in this world however  what he was worried about was not becoming a criminal but being grouped with other criminals which would be troublesome but his worries were dined by Zion.

“That’s not a problem. Because I and ro will be your witness. For accidents during a request the testimony of the person who had accompanied you is most promising as evidence”

“Those type of people have behave badly on a daily base you will be acquitted soon if we explain properly.”

Rona assures me while rummaging through the baggage, but I guess they are also quite constrained to a certain extent.

“Even so these guys really did not have any weapons.”

“They cant use it and now there is no one to even use the change of clothes lets burn it all.”

lighting fire to the fire place the two people really burned everything that was of no use to them.

looking at this Renya prayed for the 6 souls who might have already left this world.

“Are you searching for something ?’

Renya asked while watching the luggage being burned without mercy.

“Suitably money and goods. At the same It would  be great if there is a weapon for you.”

That almost qualifies you to be thieves and I already have a weapon Renya says while pointing at his shinai but Zion frankly dismisses it.

“I understand that Renya is attached to that weapon but you need a weapon with a proper blade.”

when looking at the way Renya handled the shinai Zion came to a conclusion that it was unsuitable for his combat abilities.

“if the attack is limited to thrust attacks will it also limit the battle options?”

“I feel that it wont be a problem is that person is handling it.”

Rona says as if to follow up after Zion’s words in place of Renya but Zion denies it instantly.

“It’s not as if I have problems with stab skills but it would be better to have more leeway with slashing and other skills, you should definitely change weapons.”

“There is also that kind of thinking.”

“well that is so, I wonder if there is a weapon that can act as my spare.”

“I don’t think it will be a problem if you are a lost person.”

Rona was some what caught up in the words but Zion paid no heed to them and pulled out a long sword from her luggage and gave it to Renya.

Renya took out the sword from its sheath revealing a sharp long blade which is held in one hand and swung it horizontally downward.

After getting familiar with the sword he put it back in its sheath.

“what’s the matter?”

“ah o nothing i was thinking its a well made sword.”

Voice Renya  answered Zion with was somewhat flat.
His real intention was to say that he was not satisfied with the sword.

The blade itself was not made to use as a decoration but for practical use but Renya felt that the iron it was made from was very poor and not assuring enough for him to trust it to protect his life.

The blade itself was only sharp to some extent and he was doubtful as to weather it could even cut.

The weapon was more likely to crush than to cut and looking at the work it could be said to be that of an amateur Renya could tell as he had the knowledge in his head.

Even the grip has useless decorations of gold and silver dragons intertwining with each other at the center which only lead to poor usability.

“Part of the pattern is,likely very expensive”

” The handle Is a legacy,but it seems the blade does not match your taste.”

Zion had a little frustrated expression when she answered.
Although the quality dissatisfaction remains, because it was something he was lent after much trouble, is not using it will be a waste hence, Renya  put his shinai back in his inventory.

“oh, void storage,Now I am jealous.”



interlude 2

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“Lord, what kind of person was Kunugi Renya?”

In response to the sudden question posed to me, I diverted my attention from work and looked in the direction of the voice.

The most troublesome things are those that are generated one after another, where if you crush one problem, another issue shows up, which results in feeling like you are playing a continuous game of Whack-a-Mole.

What I was doing now was, in a world where the Hero and his party truly believe that they can change the world with the strength of their willpower. Their power really is exceeding that of the Administrator, thus they are in a situation where they can truly change the world. I received a help request from the Administrator there, so for the time being I gave the administrator there some more power and I also had to work to increase the power of the Demon Lord to the point that when the Hero and co. confront the Demon Lord, they do not die, but have their hearts feel miserable to a breaking point.

To this idiot who had pointlessly increased my work, I won’t even bother to raise my hand to punish him, but instead I’ll have him continue his work for another 1000+ years.

Of course, the one who lent the Demon Lord power was me.

By now, the Demon Lord himself must be wondering and looking for an answer as to how he was able to fight off the Hero and his party.

If you look at it normally, by now the Demon Lord should have been defeated by the Hero, and the Hero should have returned triumphantly to the kingdom.

But I think that this scenario not happening is the severity of reality.

To create a world where everyone gets along is indeed a great idea, but a world is something which is made thanks to someone crying somewhere and wanting to be something. Someone somewhere once said that being an Administrator is like having the misfortune to give work to an indefinite number of people.

If the world could be made with ideals, an existence such as myself would not be needed, and there’d be no need for me to endlessly continue to work and adjust the world.

Even though I say that, if the Hero and his party is wiped out, another Hero will be needed to maintain an equilibrium. Somehow, not wanting to increase my work, I compromised and only weakened the party.

people pray to God for help, but I am God. Who am I supposed to offer my prayers to? Even then, what should I pray for?

(E: That was an intense monologue, oh God why do you do this to me [hehe], translating these must be an even deeper ring of Hell than editing them)

“De, what were we talking about?”

“Lord, exactly where the hell did you derail to?”

I saw the tired face of the blonde beauty.

“I derail where I want.”

“Please return to the main point.”

The blonde beauty retorts back coldly. This pissed me off, and I was thinking about to changing her into a frog, or making her reincarnate into an insect but stopped, as its would only increase my workload. Hence there is no meaning in doing this and I will only get pointlessly tired.

Okay, okay, alright, I will return to the main point, just let me concentrate on my work, as I won’t be able to come back from the main point for the next 360 billion seconds. (11,415 years for reference.)

Anyway, why are you telling me to get back to the point when you want to talk, but you do not even remember that? I wonder what’s wrong with the way of education. 24 sec had gone by while I was thinking about such things.

Now I have lost  approximately 0.000000006%. What a waste, I don’t even want to care. AGH! So troublesome.


“Like I said, WHAT!? eh? Ah, Kunugi …oh. That old man.” (E: Lives for thousands of years, calls 94-year-old old man. Godlogic)

After yelling and saying a few words, I finally understood who she was talking about, and stopped my work for a while.

“If it’s about that old man, I don’t know.”


“His cause of death was quite straight forward when his soul was extracted, As to what type of person he was, I did not look into it. I did look at some of his data, though. It seems that he was a gourmet.” (E: Or was he… a gourmet bastard? kek)

If there was no data, I would not have known how to persuade that old man to go to the other world.

He might have had some regrets in his previous world, so I cleared his soul, but now I am reflecting on it, as sometimes it might be good, but it can also be bad.

“Was it really alright to send him to another world in such a situation?”

“Is there a reason not to?”

With a serious expression on her face, subordinate A is loss for words.

I have no idea what is so shocking.

“Just like how a pebble thrown in the sea won’t cause a tsunami, what is such a big deal in sending him without investigating?”

“Well, since I am responsible for sending him, help me investigate a bit.”

“What do you mean, ‘help?’ If you were to search for his history, wouldn’t It come up immediately?”

Ah! that’s also an option. All I need is to pull up the history on his soul.

Kunugi Renya                                                                                                                           Human race , Age:94

Current resource file number: 9201-0846-2525-4985

former world number: 8190-9753-1414-3878

No special events mentioned                                                                                                 14th family head of kunugi one sword flow style.

An accomplished kendoist since childhood, at the age of 13 he takes up swordsmanship, hence allowing his talent to bloom.
At 15 years old, moved to mainland China for warrior training by taking part in the underground society.
He killed a large number of people using a single sword, hence was called by the nickname of “sword demon“ (T: ken no oni)
The number of people he killed in the underground society activities caps at 912 people in five years.
Then, he served in World War II.

The number of people he killed during the war period of four years was 3712 people. The number of people he killed during the war period of four years with his blade alone was 3712 people.
Hence the name, “Blade ogre“.

After the war, became the next family head of Kunugi one sword flow style, spent time training and learning other sword styles.
Carried out performances of swordsmanship through demonstrations in various places, and quickly made the Kunugi one sword flow style widely known which lead to having 49 dojos in japan and abroad.

In His later years became a swordsmith, having the inscription of “ka Ren”(lotus petal), was known as the human national treasure.
Also was a known gourmet, had a high affinity for cuisine.
lived to the age of 94 years and 127 days, and died of old age.
Life Kills, 5730 people. (TL: WOW thats some record) (E: Holy shit, this guy’s a badass.)

“……. real cheat kita?”*

“Why are you talking like that, Lord?”

Raising my line of sight from the window, which displayed the written information to me, I denoted it in a surprised manner and my subordinate dropped a tsukkomi* immediately.
I’m sure that right now, I must have a very blank look.

“What’s this!? In spite of being chosen appropriately, it’s a ridiculous life, isn’t it!?”

“To kill five thousand or more people with only a sword, but it impossible!? T-teka*, he must have killed about four digits from celebrating the end of the war, this man!”

“It must have been exceptionally well-concealed.”

“Come to think of it, the data had no disclaimer of him being a criminal!”

Information was to be displayed with a special note if one had a criminal record.
By the way, the crime record, which is displayed here, is according to the law of that world.

If it is not done so, every human will have a criminal record for killing countless lifeforms.

Because this person’s original world had several billion human beings, the killing of about five thousand people would not have much influence in the world.

However, he was sent to a place where the world’s population is, at best, around 10 million.*
A person that can kill 5,000 people with his own skills, plus I gave further cheat-like skills to the one I sent.

“Instead of a pebble, that was a nuclear bomb!”

“A tsunami is most likely going to occur.”

To subordinate A, who leisurely replied, I sent murderous intent.
…But stopped, as it might end up hurting, and my work would be delayed, and it would also be troublesome because the amount of time I need to spend working would increase.

“Subordinate A, your name?”

“It is not set, but?”

“…… hmm fix your appearance. Afterwards, I will give you a name”

“What? What on earth is…”

Opening the settings window of the panicking Subordinate A, I start making changes. (E: Prepare to go from Extra to Lead. Scariest change ever. So many more lines to recite.)
First of all, I wonder why the subordinates are all blond women.
Certainly, initially I was making them with a certain degree of difference, but it started becoming troublesome as it continued, and I decided to mass-produce copies based on a template.
But it somehow seemed the old man did not like blond women, so I will change the hair to black, with the hairstyle of tails,  somewhat conservative, age setting of around 18 years old, and I’ll change the voice a bit.

“From today onwards you will be Girieru (gi-ri-e-ru), because you are an archangel. Go to that world and serve as Renya’s archangel and continue as normal.” (E: I am become Girieru, destroyer of blondes)

“Eh? Please do not increase my work.”

The revised Subordinate A replied with a genuinely unpleasant face. The angel I named Girieru settled down when I glanced at her, and asked me reluctantly.

“But is it really okay? All of the Administrators of that world will not like it, you know.”

“To send an angel is not a problem. And, because it is only to give refuge to individuals, they can’t complain, nor can they get in the way”

“If that is so, wouldn’t it have been better to send an angel to get the resources?”

To Girieru, who came up with the bright idea, I jumped and dropped a fist on her head.
Since I changed the form of the girl, the height difference is somewhat of an inconvenience, but because another figure is particularly hard to think of, I am going to leave it as it is.

“But you angels will not be able to reside on the ground!”

“Oh, that is also true.”

“Quickly go, without nitpicking! Give that old man some help, and do not be unreasonable! If you are unreasonable and reckless I will stop you! All right?”

”I will act accordingly.”

The reply was missing the excitement, but it can’t be helped if my subordinates lack motivation – since I, as the one who made them, also lacked motivation. But still, she lowered her head, indicating that she will go as ordered. Incidentally, I added another order.

“And that shinai* – at a proper time, change its shape to that of a sword (katana).”

“Timing and reason is very important, I see. I will try my best”

I resumed my work after seeing the angel off.

FT: Quite long for an interlude. Or maybe that’s just the Monologues from Hell™.

* – 1: This is what it says untranslated.

* – 2: A Tsukkomi is pretty much just a smartass remark. i.e. sass.

* – 3: I don’t even know.

* – 4: OK, let’s see, the US population can be rounded to 306,675,000, and the square mileage of the contiguous US + DC gets to 2,959,064.44 mi^2. This is about 104 people to a square mile. For this entire world to have the same population density, it would be only 94,339.6226 mi^2, which is comparable to the size of Oregon, only 2 thousand or so miles short. Within this there are 5 territories, and each would have to be about 19,000 miles, if not a bit less. Basically, put New Hampshire and Vermont together 5 times. That’s not even half of the size of Ohio. And it’s the entire world. Put that into perspective.

* – 5: A shinai is a practice sword made from a bundle of bamboo. Well, really, it’s a *practice practice sword* being used for sport in Kendo. A “real” practice sword is a bokken, which is just a wooden katana, usually without a tsuba (comparable to a hilt, or a minimalistic hand guard).



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Nidoume no jinsei wo isekai de chapter 5


Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai De Chapter 5 – It Seems I got to Know Someone



It seems I got to know someone

Renya again investigates the defeated men in the surroundings.

It would be troublesome if they were pretending to be dead and retaliated while he was distracted, but the fallen men had their consciousness completely stolen. As such, there was no indication that the men would be waking up any time soon.

The first and the middle two men, whose throats he had hit, had the bones in their neck broken and the necks cut, although Reyna did not feel guilty, because he was somewhat in a rush.

“I wonder if there is a concept of something like a legitimate defense in this world?”


Upon hearing this voice, he turned around to see the priestess coming closer together with the armored woman.

Upon a closer look, it looked like the two people would be best described as beautiful girls rather than beautiful women, according to their ages.

In comparison to the girl wearing armor, who gave off an air* of outright caution, the girl wearing priest’s clothes showed her sincerity by bowing deeply to Renya.

“Thank you for saving us.”

“Well it might have been unnecessary,” says Renya, as he looked towards the girl wearing armor.

When I jumped in to help, from the fact that I was told to run away, it might have been possible that in that situation that girl alone might have been able to do something.

The unruly words said by these guys had been missing the subject, that ‘mine’ and ‘yours ‘will greatly vary the story.  [こいつらは手に負えないという言葉には主語が抜けていたが、「私の」と「お前の」とでは大分話が変わってくる] (E: Neither of us really know what to do with this sentence.)

Did she guess Renya’s thoughts? Nevertheless, remaining cautious, the girl wearing armor did so only lightly, but still bowed her head.

“I am thankful for your help, I am afraid that I alone would not have been able to do anything.”

”Even if there were 6 guys, these guys were barehanded, you know.”

All of the enemies had been defeated in a completely one-sided battle, hence Renya posed such a question. The girl wearing armor looked slightly surprised and answered with a smile.

“Do you not know about the soldiers of the Mercenary Kingdom?  These guys are experts in fighting with bare hands. They can defeat armed soldiers and experts in grappling.”

It does not seem like it. While thinking this, Renya drops his gaze towards the fallen men.

Certainly, the body had been fairly disciplined, but you would not think that they would have been able to fight equally with properly trained and armed soldiers. But, if the residents of this world think so, perhaps they have some means to fight. I wonder.

A challenging expert barehanded solider. Thinking this, Renya was amazed, and to a degree, the air of caution faded from the girl wearing armor.

“You are a somewhat strange person.”

“It can be helped if you are cautious; I am… Oh, yes, someone who you might call a wanderer.”

If identified as such, somehow one might be able to understand his circumstances, thought Renya while remembering what the little girl had said. The expressions on the faces of the two changed from being surprised to interested.

“So, a wanderer? I have heard of lost people, before but it’s my first time meeting one.”

“If you are a wanderer, certainly it’s not unreasonable for you to not know about the mercenary kingdom.”

“More importantly than convincing you, I am called Kunugi Renya.”

Relaxing his mind that the little girl did not lie, Renya gave his name to the two girls who were easily convinced with the situation. Panicking a little, the two girls lowered their heads.

“Sorry for the delay, I am Monk apprentice Rona Chevalier.” [TN: Louis’s daughter??] (E: Must… make… ALCOHOL JOKE)

“Swordsman apprentice, Zion Femme Fatale. (シオン・ファム・ファタールと言う) Is Kunugi-dono alright with you?”

“Uh… my name is Renya, without the -dono, Renya is fine. For the time being, shall we change the location? Because four of these guys are still alive, and I have no idea when they will wake up.”

With serious faces, the two girls in an undertone were mumbling, “Ren ‘Nya? Lenya? Re re…… nuya?” While saying these things repeatedly and attempting to pronounce his name, the two immediately nodded to Renya proposal.

”That’s right, let’s head out towards the forest at once.”

”What do we do with these guys.”

“It’s alright with the two dead guys, but is it alright to leave the 4 who were unconscious?” Renya questioned, and Rona carelessly answered,

“In this forest, even if they were left for just 10 minutes, they won’t have any life left.”

“This place is the Eastern Continent’s Miasmatic Forest’s westernmost part. It is a treasure-trove of monsters, and this is still a shallow location. People do not know this, but plants that eat people also grow here.”

What! That’s scary, Renya thought. Was it really okay, even if hearing this from the two people who, without even glancing at the fallen men, started walking? Somehow, Renya felt intimidated knowing that they were going to die, and that one wrong move and he would be the one laying there. He pressed his hands together to pray for their souls.

“Wanderer Renya-san, how long has it been since you came here?”

While walking, I replied promptly to Rona.

“Only just now.”

“So you just came here? That’s amazing, you know.”

Even when showered with words of admiration, Renya had no idea what was so amazing. While he thought this, he watched the backs of the people in front of him and hurried to catch up.

Zion turned her head around and gave a compliment.

“’Normally when lost people come here, it’s mostly out of confusion. But to defeat to defeat soldiers who had been trained in movements and such, that point is what’s amazing,’ is what ‘Ro’ is saying.”


“People who are close to me call me as such.”

Rona told me while smiling..

“I see; so Rona-san and Zion-san, why are you in such a place?”

Predictably not using the nickname, Renya inquired of Rona who had a surprised look.

“Ara, after listening that much, you still call me by that name.”

“I am not so arrogant that I would call a woman I just met by her nickname or without any honorifics.”

“Well, showing courtesy is an obvious thing to do. “

In contrast to Zion, who said this while nodding, Rona was somewhat disappointed.

Their state is far too defenseless. Is it really alright for these girls to be so fluttery (furafura) in a place like this? worried Renya.

“I have never quite been called by a guy in such a manner.”

“I do not want to die yet.”

Rona did not understand Renya’s answer. While Rona was tilting her head Zion who was besides her was impressed, and answered.

“A good guess.”

From what Renya saw, these two people had a pretty good relationship, which could be immediately seen from the fact that Zion called Rona by her nickname. Renya went further, and deduced that Zion had a specific standing of being Rona’s guardian.

For a while now, the one who has done most of the talking is Rona, while Zion only sometimes pipes up. Rona tries to roughly keep the conversion onto herself.

This is because Rona is less cautious, and would easily trust Renya on the basis that he had helped them, and as such didn’t have a dangerous personality. Zion, on the other hand, had a strong sense of caution and was still thinking of Renya as a suspicious person, or so he thought.

When thinking this way, the answer to who was the guardian and who was being protected will come naturally.

If he went on with a horribly saucy attitude, most likely what would await him would be a tough blow from Zion, was what Renya thought, hence the exchange earlier happened.

“Both of us belong to the Adventurer’s Guild of the Trident Principality. We came here at the request of the guild for the investigation and suppression of the goblin settlements.”

Perhaps knowing that Renya was a human who understood his own standing, Zion spoke on her own.

“We received a report that in a village of settlers just outside the forest, the damage caused by goblins had increased.”

Since he was catching words he had never heard before, Renya tried to organize things in his head.

It seems that Trident Principality is the name of a country somewhere, and also the place where these two people live.

Renya was not quite able to imagine the said words, “Adventurer’s Guild.” According to his knowledge, a guild was where people with similar profession gathered to form a mutual aid organization.

If this knowledge was applied, the organization has asked these two to work in the form of a request.

He had no idea what the word goblin referred to, but he had the help function he had gotten from God, which worked very conveniently to give him the information.

The Goblin is a humanoid monster standing tall at 1m, the color of its skin is a variable shade of green.

Has a very ugly appearance. Almost no hair. Although they live in groups of 20, they have no such thing as culture. Almost no females, usually breed by mating with females of other species with high fertility rate. Can mate with all humanoid species other than Elves. Are omnivores. Sometimes an individual with high Intelligence is born and may lead a population of up to 100. That said, it’s common knowledge for those who play games, yo.


That last line was unnecessary. The number of times I am going to hit you when we meet again has increased by 1, Renya vowed in his heart.

“I hope I am wrong, but a goblin is a monster that creates groups, right?”

“That is so, their individual combat is very low, but they become troublesome when they group together.”

“This investigation with only two people?”

That would be reckless, Renya thought.

Moreover, if you look at its description, one would know that this monster has a downright troublesome nature to abduct females of other species.

It was not a request that could be received by a party of only two females. That was what Renya thought. When he looked at them, their expressions were pale.

“Originally it was a party of 8.”

On hearing Zion’s answer Renya performed simple calculation 8-2=6. In other words 6 people were somewhere else. Earlier the number of men he had crushed was 6 was it a coincidence.

“As you might have guessed, those people earlier had received the same request.”

6 people, all of whom were soldiers from a country called the Mercenary Kingdom. Renya recalled what Zion had said.

In other words, from the start, the 6 people were comrades. This time, Zion’s group had joined them because of the request.

In a dim forest away from human eyes, the people who were comrades were the men, while the two beautiful girls were not.

The simple thought of doing something dirty to them was easily understood by Renya.

“…Such misfortune.”

“I really, really think so.”

At Renya’s words of comfort the two nodded wholeheartedly, But looking from Renya’s point of view it was not impossible to understand the thoughts of those men.

If one looked closely one would find that two beautiful girls, one who was trained and had style while the other was [muchimuchi] and [purinpurin.]* (むっちむちのぷりんぷりんである){TL note: I have no idea what English words to use here} (E: They’re at the bottom of the doc now.)

It was precisely because I was walking behind that I knew. When looking from the back it seemed like something with tremendous sense of weight was shaking, up and down, left and right with a [boing boing] effect, and of course, as a man, several hundred evil thoughts were bound to appear.

But to act upon them was a different matter altogether.

“So, where do you plan on going?”

Renya said this while being careful not to look at a key area.

“We plan on returning to the village, which we were asked to use as our base.”

“Actually, the place we need to return to is the Principality, but it takes two days on horse carriage to go there, and another two to return.”

As expected, it would be impossible for two people to subdue the goblin population. While thinking this, Renya was met with surprising words from Zion.

“I ask that Renya stay at the village and wait for the next carriage.”

“Although suppression is now impossible, we need to at least investigate. Otherwise, we would not be able to return, even if we wanted to.”

“No! That’s too reckless.”

Rona was dressed in a priest’s grab which was not suited for quick movements.

Zion wore fighting equipment for the time being, but it did not seem suitable to Renya for a light investigation.

“Although it is reckless, returning without producing results will hinder us in future.”

“You are dead if you underestimate the adventurer profession.”

“6 out of 8 people were strangers. To come up with such a setting, doesn’t the problem lie with the Guild?” Renya tried to say this by Zion shook her head from side to side.

“Certainly, it was the Guild’s oversight to not do a prior investigation, but I will not wait two days just to report it. If in that time the damage caused by goblins increased, the people of the village will be injured.”

“That is certainly so.”

Still, their own death was like putting the cart in front of the horse. Put dying aside, if they were captured by Goblins and used in helping to increase their numbers, it would not even be a funny story, Renya thought, but looking at their determination, Renya had no choice but to give up on changing their minds.

“Okay then, can I help out?”

Renya called out, expecting that he was most likely going to be rejected, but it would leave a bad taste in his mouth if he were to abandon them, or pretend he didn’t know anything.

The two girls whispered to each other for a while, and then Zion asked Renya.

“Is it alright? We will survive, but you do not belong to the Guild, so things like a reward will not be given.”

“It’s alright. I really don’t care, but in exchange, if you could teach me various things about this world, it would be very helpful.”

“As a reward for life threating work, doesn’t that sound cheap?”

Once again Zion had that aura of caution around her again. Just earlier, such a thing had happened. It is obvious that she would be alert with a man travelling with them. Renya sighed.

“Well, it’s like that but…“

“Information is what people who have find cheap and minor, while people who don’t have it find it to be valuable.”

Towards Renya, who had given such an unbelievable, reason Zion was still suspicious while Rona, laughing unceremoniously , said,

“It’s alright, Renya-san is surely a good person.”

To the laughing Rona, the unsatisfied Zion said,

“Really! I guess I have to accept to repay the favour.”

Even when he got his proposal accepted, Renya thought, wanting them to trust me might be impossible, and looked up at the sky.