Hi guys its bean a while since i last posted my brother posted the last entry without permission but well what ever i feel revived ,spent 6 whole months in hospital the food there is just bleh and if it wasnt for the tele being in my room i would have gone nuts my body condition is finally back to its peak so i will try and see what i want to translate as for nidoume since other party is doning it i just hope they continue till the end i wont be translating till march i have to make up for lost collage time and know where to start

There might be and original work which my brother was working on to relieve his stress so look foward to it i dont know its specifices but the title is DRAGON GOD CHRONICALS *cough* cough* the hell kind of chuuni name is that *stares hard at bro *

Anyway i have recovered i guess so thanks to those who sent messages *even though i only translated 3 chapters hahaha i feel so usless stupid ass car driver*

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5 thoughts on “Return”

  1. WOW! You’re alive! This may be dark, but i was seriously wondering if you actually died. Glad it was just useless worrying. You do what you need to do. Glad to see that you’re doing better and that’s all that really matters.


  2. Thank god your alive! Family bonds are important for recovering in these types of situations ( well, that’s my opinion 🙂 ).


  3. My suggestion, for recovery, would be to look at working a little with a larger group of translators who are moving along well, and then do some chapters for them that’s a little ahead of their current point, this should help as a good warmup and rehab so that and you might be able to get some advice from some others while you’re at it. But regardless, it’s good to have you back and I look forward to whatever project you pick up.


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