Dragon god chronicles prolouge

hi people the names yasha this is kind of my first attempt.

written by yasha

edited by silver


BOOM! An explosion rang out under the basement of the 30 storey Eco mall flame and smoke spread in all directions amid the confusion and panic stood a boy with dark red hair and sky blue eyes, the boy then swing is fist outward at a tremendous speed such that a blast of air was created which supressed the raging fire in front of the boy what he did was impossible for either ‘normal’ or normal humans to do.

The current year was 2063 the world had advanced at an amazing speed. Ever since the freak collision of an anti-quasar and a normal quasar in the asteroid belt which lead to many small asteroid collisions on earth which lead to the discovery of energy sparks. Energy sparks were essentially small golf ball sized meteor rocks but with a fundamental difference they were transparent and had a nebula cloud within them at first the scientists were puzzled as to what it was but sooner a man named Chrono E Stein discovered that the nebula was in essence pure energy trapped within the unknown composition of the transparent rock and found a way to harness that energy to solve the world energy crises, since then science and technology has advanced by leaps although a teleporter has yet to be realised.

It’s been 40 years since the discovery of energy sparks although there have been many benefits form it there were still disasters caused due to mankind’s carelessness,


 The title that was given to destruction of the continent of Europe across all major news stations.

CERN, Geneva, 13 NOVEMBER 2033 the particle collision experiment against an energy spark went horribly wrong resulting in an energy release which engulfed the whole of Europe and the place was wiped out from the face of earth survivors only 8 the only area not effected was the epicentre of the blast.

Since then the European Union has ceased to exit and now only a huge sea with a 10 km wide island called the EU GRAVE.

The resulting disaster brought about vast changes in human civilisation. In economic area Japan took over as a leading power as it was the first to recover from the recession caused by the incident which lasted for 10 years followed by America then India, Singapore, China, Korea and Hong Kong  and other countries as these countries emerged from the dark decade which took the lives of nearly 3 billion people on the planet as people fought each other fuelled by the antics of many religious organization who saw the EU GRAVE as a sign from god that the end has come, it took 10 years for the fighting to stop but even now hidden organizations plan attacks on the populace calming to be gods messengers.

The resulting fighting had cause many advancement in bio engineering by combining the power of energy sparks with technology super humans were created to fight wars and when the fighting ended the research on body strengthening other than medical purposes was halted but those already modified had no way to go back to normal and were looked at with different views by the normal people.

The explosion at the mall where the boy was standing was due to two reasons, one was to emphasise that the evil organisations which led to wars has yet to die, other was to secure a very important hostage. One that could bring them all the power they needed to control one of the 7 major world powers to grab a country for themselves but unfortunately for them the boy was there.  

“Do I really have no choice “mumbled the boy.

“Well I do have to rescue an idoit, I am going to have to work things out myself”

“Now let’s see where those guys went”

Red light shone in the boy’s eyes and if one could see his vision they would see the world in a different way as one would look at a 3D model on a graphic computer the boy could see the building from every angle with only the living as bright lights each varying according to the person.  The boy was using dimension view, an innate ability which he had since birth or to be more precise how he always saw the world before he learned how to ‘see’.

Dimension vision as the name suggests he is able to see the world in different dimensions no matter where you hide you will be seen by him, you would have to change to another body to avoid being seen but that is impossible even with the current technology.

As the boy looks around he is able to see through every wall and every living being inside.

“Found ya!”

The boy looks up and says with a smile on his face.

Suddenly the air around him starts spiralling around him and then moves to concentrate around his feet and then it compresses itself and releases launching the boy into the air towards the roof.




Shouts a burly looking man

HUMP grunted a girl in the man’s arms in a displeasured voice

The girl with blond hair tied in a ponytail resisted to her up most to get out of the man’s grasp but was tied down with special nerve cuffs which prevented her from using any sort of strength to resist. The nerve cuffs prevented any nerve signal from reaching the hands or legs depending on one’s need.

“You won’t get away with kidnapping me my father would never do your bidding, I would not want him to either.” said the girl to the dozen surrounding her.

“I SAID SHUT UP AND WALK” one of the man shouts as he was pissed



The man roared in anger as he received a defiant reply and tried to hit the girl with his blaster suddenly a strong gust of wind blew the man and slammed him into the metal wall knocking him unconscious.

“Man what a drag here I thought they would put up a decent fight seeing as they dared to kidnap the one and only daughter of the aegis foundation sera aegis.”

“Aren’t I right?”

Asked a voice filled with killing intent towards the group who were surrounded by smoke from the explosions.

“wwwhho are you!”      


Shouted a youngster within the group as he was scared by the killing intent which released.

“You are late” said sera as she pouted in a cute manner.

“Sorry was held up by mom, but really to get yourself kidnapped hah if word of this got out that the academy top got herself kidnapped the paparazzi’s gone go seriously wild hah”

Replied the voice to sera’s pouting face

“I know that I was just careless that’s all now hurry up and help me out”

“Alright, alright No need to get all fussy about it”


Shouted one of the members of the group

“Where the hell you are if you have guts FACE Me.”

“Geez you guys try and be more evil and stuff rather than being all punk and all” mocked the voice to the provocation

“If you want to know where I am just look up”

As the voice said so the men looked up and what they saw was shocking even by today’s standard a boy with deep red hair and sky blue eyed with a pair of dragon wings on his back standing in mid-air looking at then as if they were insects waiting to be crushed.

“WWWHAT ARE YOU? “Shouted the man who looked like he was the leader of the group.

“Well since I am about wipe your existence clean I could tell you”

“Ahem” spoke the boy as he cleared his throat

“My name is ASHESHA DEUS, my friends call me SHA, I am the one and only DRAGON on this world and since you guy’s touched my soft spot don’t even think about leaving here with any of your cells intact.”

Ashesha the only one of his kind in this world roared as he looked at the men in disdain

His existence and actions will shock mankind and the boy will be remembered in many ways but for now it just the beginning of the chronicles of the young dragon who wants to not be involved in troublesome situations yet wants to go all out to test his powers and the war which will shape his Destiney.  

{Editors rambling: the hell this sci-fi setting or is it fantasy meh whatever I am just the editor *what the hell were you watching when you wrote this seriously anti quasar the heck is that*stares*well any way sera’s hair style is B4 in the picture below first time being editor its actually fun you get to criti…tell the writer about how bad his grammar is and make yourself look like an expert in English*maniacal laugh*

Well jokes aside the writer is well “shy” to comment about his own work *even though he tells me every day how bad todays English novels are save a few good ones* so feel free to comment on how the prologue is bad reviews are totally welcome but seriously be honest I don’t want my bro felling that he is never gona be a writer thanks}





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6 thoughts on “Dragon god chronicles prolouge”

    1. Another comment, a good scifi author or even fantasy author has some of their works based in reality, or at least having a really good sounding explanation behind it. The reason I bring this up is the quasar anti-quasar part, a quasar is the excrement of a black hole or some other similar object that is emitting large amounts of energy really fast, I’ve not heard of an anti-quasar before, but I couldn’t find anything definitive on what an anti-quasar is, if it even exists. A better explanation would be to say that two of the many asteroids in the asteroid belt collided and it turned out that there was some unknown element inside them that reacted violently together triggering an explosion, and it is still being studied as the reaction burnt up almost all of the chemicals creating an almost perfect matter to energy conversion leaving almost nothing behind. Later, it could be found that it was the impact of two of the Energy Sparks that triggered the explosion. Mind you, this is only an example and I’m sure others could come up with some better explanation, and I’m not saying you have to stick to real science, but you do need to have rules effectively established, and don’t throw in too many macguffins that can do whatever, have set rules that you follow, even if you don’t present them to the reader. One of the examples that my father (who is an amateur author as well, he doesn’t go pro because it would be a pain) has told me is in his sci-fi novel, there’s one chapter where there is going to be a massive solar flare that would release enough radiation that when it hits the International Space Station all of the astronauts would die, and unfortunately, they have no means of rescuing them. The real science in this line is that solar flares do have buildup sometimes, and they do release radiation that in large enough doses can be lethal, and that it’s hard to quickly launch a rocket. Now, the next stage in the story is that the hero of the story (who is similar to Iron Man tech and money wise) has developed a Surface to space and back ship that uses convertible ram jet technology, stuff that really exists but is not up to the level used in his story, although it could get there one day, to go rescue the astronauts as advertisement and to force multiple of the world governments to owe him a favor. The main point with this, is the best lies are the ones that can be believed, if you have solid rules established that the reader either learns early or can pick up on early, it makes the world easier to envision, easier to accept, but, if you always go around saying “new rule” or making changes left and right, it makes the world hard to accept and reduces immersion. Lastly, for the editor, read it aloud one last time before publishing, you might pick up on a few errors that are easy to spot (mostly from fast typing) such as the terrorists “calming” to be sent by god instead of “claiming”. Sorry for the long post, but I figured I should give a few tips at least, honestly, the premise of the story is good, but it was tiresome to read (Chronos E Stein? Really?)


      1. Thanks for the feed back i was kid of lazy so i just copy pasted without changing the format according to my brother since anti matter exists an anti black hole may exist realsing anti quasar to simply put it he wanted some science to kick start the story all the reader needs to know is that energy sparks are the one with importance

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      2. An Anti-black hole is the conceptual white hole, and we haven’t confirmed those. We also know that there are no black holes in our solar system, so that wouldn’t work from a realistic point of view, at least in my opinion. He probably could use something “like” he did, but it needs more refinement and he needs to study it a bit more. Also, although quasars are energy, quasar is actually an abbreviation for “quasi-stellar radio source” so, not really the kind of energy he’s looking for. Perhaps, it could later turn out that one of the European nations was testing or disposing of (thanks to the nuclear disarmament pact) nuclear weapons or something in the asteroid belt and ended up destroying one of the energy sparks, and all of it’s energy being released caused the whole mess, this would fit with all of his explanations and it would be easier to believe and explain.


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